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A great full body cardio workout utilising pad work, conditioning, strength endurance and the full arsenel of kicks and closed fist strikes from Dragon Style Kung Fu!

'Kickboxing' is a group of martial arts and stand up combat sports based on kicking and punching. It was historically developed from karate, muay thai and boxing. Chinese Kickboxing is known as Sanda (San Shou in Mandarin), which was developed by the Chinese military based on traditional kung fu and modern combat fighting techniques. It combines full contact kickboxing, punches, kicks, wrestling, takedowns and throws.

Sanda is not seen as a style in itself, but one of 2 components of Chinese martial arts training - the other being 'taolu' (forms) training. Our trainers and students have competed in Sanda as well as Karate tournaments to test and improve our skills in a safe environment.

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