Sydney Dragon & Lion Dance Seminar - 17 & 18th August 2013

Group PhotoOver 20 students from Dragon Style Kung Fu & Fitness, Jui Yee Martial Arts Academy and Kin Ons Ching Wu were fortunate enough to attend a dragon and lion dance seminar, hosted by Jui Yee Martial Arts Academy and instructed by special invited guest Leon Ng from Qing Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe, Singapore.

With 320 dragon & lion dance troupes on the tiny island of Singapore (VS approximately 20 in Sydney), Qing Wei has managed to become one of the top troupes led by 20yr old Leon, in just 2 years. In the spirit of sharing and improving the marketing and performance skills of dragon & lion dancing in Australia, Leon put the Sydney students through their paces in dragon dance techniques and lion dance expressions.


"The best part was learning about expressions and how important it is to always have the eye fixed onto the object and not to keep looking at the ground" said Jaytee, Jui Yee's Instructor. "I have improved on my lion expressions and also learned how to handle a dragon" said Vincent D from Dragon Style Kung Fu.

Leon also spoke about the importance of instructors and students carrying themselves as a professional team to improve the appearance and reputation of troupes. "All the students were great and I could tell they put in a lot of effort to learn as much as they could" said Leon "I really hope what I taught will benefit all of you".

Singapore - World leaders in Dragon and Lion Dancing.

Singapore has long been the central business hub of Asia and there is no exception when it comes to being world leaders in the innovation of dragon and lion dancing. Constantly evolving to improve the art and performance value, Singaporean lion dance has set the standard in world competitions and lion head designs. With the majority public in mind, traditional lion dance in Singapore has incorporated lion expressions so the audience can easily understand what the performance is all about, without losing the stylistic traditions of a school. The lion dance is centred around the 'Choy Chang'- the lettuce with a lucky red envelope attached, symbolising good fortune and wealth. The lion is to display curiousness, caution, fright, anger, ferocity and happiness when tackling a Choy Chang puzzle. With this in mind students from Dragon Style, Jui Yee and Kin Ons were able to learn and train together irrespective of styles.

"I enjoyed meeting new people and building up the teamwork. It was my first time to actually have a go at dragon and lion dance, which couldn't have been done without the courage and support that was built up throughout this seminar" Omayma from Dragon Style Kung Fu said. "Leon has greatly encouraged us to train hard together and to enjoy the art".

Another highlight of the seminar was the opportunity to learn the dragon dance which requires exceptional team effort, timing and coordination. Although not as common as the lion dance in Sydney, the Dragon sits higher on the celestial scale of Chinese dances than the lion and requires great skill and manpower to perform.

"Singapore was the first to create the luminous dragon performance in the 80s. The dance is a great performance for bonding, improving teamwork and mutual trust between team members. As we started the trend of luminous dragon dancing all over the world, we are constantly improving and thinking of new moves to perfect so we are still ahead" said Leon.

On behalf of all the attendees at Leon's Dragon & Lion Dance Seminar, we'd like to greatly thank Leon for his time and genorisity to teach and share his experience to us humble students!

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