ISKA CCP Tournament Result

iska_ccp ISKA CCP tournament was held on Sunday 20th October 2013 at Liverpool Whitlam Centre. With over 650 competitors in 60+ categories, three of our students with only 12 - 18mths training represented our club in the following divisions:

Koshiki (KK) 18 - 30yrs Nov/Int Continuous Sparring (CS) 18 - 30yrs Nov/Int Continuous Sparring (CS) 14 -15yrs Nov/Int

All guys fought hard with great energy and did the club proud! Josun fought an impressive 6 matches in total, making it through to fight for 3rd in both Koshiki and CS divisions. Unfortunately he came against some bigger stronger opponents, but displayed excellent aggression and didn't back down in his matches. An excellent effort for his first ever competition! Vincent fought 1 match in Koshiki and 3 matches in CS, bringing home 2nd place against a very strong brown belt! His little brother Tony won all his matches and clinched 1st place in CS 14-15yr old category, displaying excellent speed, power and intensity for his age! An excellent debut for his first ever competition. Both boys now qualify for Nationals in December.

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