Spartacus Workout

With the untimely death of Andy Whitfield who played the lead title in Spartacus Blood and Sand, I'd like to highlight and pay tribute to the workout we practice at training, which is named after the show where the actors train this circuit to achieve their amazing physiques. It's a 10 exercise circuit with a 60sec workout to 15sec rest x 3 rounds. This circuit is not for the faint-heart, and we've only managed to achieve 2 rounds after our normal kung fu training! Personally this is one of the best circuits I have come across for general fitness and martial arts training. For beginners, I would recommend cutting the exercises to 5 and go at a comfortable pace. Just remember it's not a race or competition against anyone but yourself!

1. Goblet Squats x1min Rest 15 sec

2. Mountain Climbers x1min Rest 15 sec

3. Single arm dumbbell swing x1min Rest 15 sec

4. T-Push ups x1min Rest 15 sec

5. Jumping lunges x1min Rest 15

6. Dumbbell rows x1min Rest 15 sec

7. Dumbbell side lunges and touch x1min Rest 15sec

8. Push up rows x1min Rest 15 sec

9. Lunge and Rotations (Dumbbells/medicine balls) x1min Rest 15 sec

10. Dumbbell push press x1min

2min rest, then Round 2! Repeat the above, 2min rest and final Round 3!

For descriptions and pictures of the exercises, click here

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