Gong Hei Fat Choy!

Gong Hei Fat Choy from DSKFA! The celebrations go for 2wks, so there's still plenty of lion dancing and parades to see. Hope the Year of the Dragon is brings happiness, health and prosperity for all! The Twilight Parade will be held this Sunday 29th in Sydney (Choy Yat - 'everybody's birthday') from 8pm onwards. Pics of celebrations around town will follow shortly in the coming weeks!

  • Mondays:
    6:00-7:30pm (Kung Fu)
  • Wednesdays:
    6:00-7:00pm (Padwork/Sparring)
    7:00-8:00pm (Kung Fu & Lion Dance)
  • Thursdays:
    5:00-5:45pm (Kid's Kung Fu)
    6:00-8:00pm (Kung Fu & Lion Dance)

Phone No.:+61 480 286 401
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