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About Us

Dragon Style Kung Fu and Fitness Inc is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Fairfield City Council area. We teach Dragon Style (Lung Ying) kung fu, lion dance, and kids classes.

What Makes Us Different?

Myth buster: Kung Fu does not look like a Jackie Chan movie. Lung Ying in particlar is a practical martial art focused on combat and the application of techniques. Our stances are high and mobile, our techniques and guard is tight and small to protect the face, ribs and vital organs, and we counter attack primarly from angles. We focus on generating striking and kicking power within the power generation concepts of 'Tun To Fau Chum' (Swallow, Spit, Float and Sink), and also use and condition our forearms to control, trap and strike the opponent. We believe the importance is not behind the perfection of the technique for the sake of technique, but the power generation behind the technique for its effectiveness. Our classes also cover sparring, fitness and conditioning - an important aspect sometimes ignored by traditional martial arts clubs.

Lung Ying, and any martial arts, is highly effective if trained with the correct mindset. We don't claim to be a mma club, but we do compete in various tournament circuits to improve and test our skills in a safe environment. Our kickboxing classes cover the kung fu techniques applicable within tournment rules: Close fist strikes (jab, crosses, uppercuts and hooks), elbows, hammerfists unique to Lung Ying, roundhouse kicks, front push, side kicks, knees, throws, etc.

Training with us will open your eyes to the reality of 'what kung fu looks like', and the benefits in combat sports, health, wellness and fitness. Character building, discipline, loyalty and respect is a by-product of the training and will benefit you in all aspects of life. Whether it's physical or mental toughness, students can expect to face many challenges in training in order to develop true martial skill and character.

So whether you’re a martial arts enthusiast, fitness fanatic, thinking about getting fit, have no experience in any physical activity whatsoever – you’re more than likely to find a place here! Although we are based at PCYC, we have students ranging from experienced martial artists to those with no martial arts experience, kids, teenagers to school teachers, and professional workers.

Our trainers have extensive experience in Dragon Style Kung Fu, fitness, circuit classes, boot camps, corporate fitness, and are passionate in not only imparting their knowledge and skills, but are dedicated in making a difference to people’s lives through healthy living and inspiration. They are qualified professional working teachers and workplace trainers, so you can be assured to receive quality instruction and training from professionals.

The core of our training is kung fu, which means ‘hard work’. Without hard work, you wouldn’t achieve anything worthwhile in life! Training here at the Club instills the ethics of hard work, not only in pushing yourself to the best of your physical capabilities, but most importantly pushing yourself beyond your mental barriers. You will achieve what you never thought possible with a little bit of ‘kung fu’!

A Tradition Kept Alive

Dragon Style Kung Fu & Fitness Inc continues the Australia Dragon Style Kung Fu Association tradition by coaching pupils in kung fu and lion dance. The Association had been open to the public from 1988 – 2003, in Cabramatta, Sydney. Headed by Master Chan Cheung (Robert Chan) before his retirement in June 2003, kung fu as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine were two specialisations available to the general public.

The club aims to continue the Dragon Style tradition in Australia by coaching pupils in kung fu, fitness and lion dance. We incorporated the new association in 2012 and our goal is to carry forward the wishes of Master Robert Chan to promote Dragon Style Kung Fu, by way of serious students to learn the kung fu, physical fitness and to develop good character for mutual help. We are an inclusive club offering people from all backgrounds the opportunity to participate and learn the traditions and benefits of Kung Fu and Lion Dance culture.

Training is centred around techniques, self defence, and forms, and whilst much is covered in class, students are also expected to train in their own time. Kung fu is a way of life, the way we train and live our lives attempt to capture our thoughts and approach to a wonderful art form.