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Kids Classes

Our popular kids classes and curriculum focuses on basics, strength, fitness and self defence using kung fu and kickboxing techniques! We also teach lion dancing, which is a tradition stemmed from kung fu club culture. Most importantly, we also teach behavioural skills development which kids take into their daily lives. This includes respect, discipline, independance, confidence, leadership, resilience, and kindness to name a few. A typical martial arts class will consist of warm ups, strength exercises, kicking and striking drills, pad work, forms, meditation, and a group game.

Our unique curriculum developed by our Head Instructor Linda, a professional Learning & Development expert, is a full syllabus comprising of 5 levels (sashes), which progressively builds our student's physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral skills. 

We also have education support and creative programs to holistically develop kids and youths. We are a close knit family group and would love to welcome you to our kung fu family!

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We are also planning a holistic afternnon program intergrated with our martial arts lessons, which includes homework support, creativity programs, reading, and much more!

 After school program structure